M-10 Ball Grenade Pea Filled (Case 20pcs)

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The M10 is the TLSFx 3rd Generation ball grenade with Dried Pea payload is designed for the Airsoft player after the most realistic and reliable ball grenade on the market today. Modeled on the current ball grenades as used by armies around the world. Manufactured with TLSFx Byotechnics® body it gives the grenade a tough, realistic look plus the spoon handle of adds authentic looks and safety to the ignition system. There is no doubt that the M10 add to any MilSim or Airsoft skirmish experience. Holding the lever against the palm of the hand the safety pin is twisted to unlock from the safe position and then pulled out. The now live grenade can now be thrown. The short fuse activated as soon as the lever leaves the hand. Case of 20 units.

When detonated, the durable, water resistant finish casing will split, with a crack, covering the area with a cloud of biodegradable peas.

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The M10 has a loud report rated at 165 decibels at 1 Meter along with an additional report of a burst of Peas. It uses a lever head ignition system similar to the M201A1 fuse without the use and sales restrictions associated to the M18 smoke device using the M201A1 smoke device. 

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  • Length
    125mm / 4.92"
  • Pressure
    0.51 Psi
  • Flash Output
    0.5 Million Candela @ 2m
  • Decible Output
    165db @ 1m (z peak)
  • NEC Per Unit
  • Regulatory ID
  • EX Number
  • Hazard type
    1.4G UN0431
  • UN Number
  • Proper Name
    Articles Pyrotechnic, for Technical Purposes
  • Hazard Class
  • Packaging
    Articles Pyrotechnic, for Technical Purposes
  • Initiation
    Fly off lever and safety pin
  • Initial Delay
    2.5 sec +/- 0.1
  • Delay Type
  • Transport
    49 CFR Parts 100-185
  • Diameter
    44mm / 1.73"
  • Duration
    8 Milliseconds