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Smoke grenade

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Smoke Grenade

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This Fat Man II smoke grenade will produce 100K cubic feet of white smoke in about 60-90 seconds. Best of all they are NEW! not surplus items. These are slightly larger then an M-18 and perform just about the same. They also have flame arresters to help keep the flame from coming out! These are defiantly great for Paintball, Airsoft, Police Training, Fire Training, Military Training, and many more especially since they are not made of metal.

Any liability of any misuse or negligence on the part of the user is the sole responsibility of the purchaser/user. Let canisters cool before you pick them up, pick them up with a heat resistant glove. Purchaser must be 18 years old to purchase. 


These pictures were taken with a slight wind, the wind picked up in the second photo.

This picture was taken after we walked out side of the wood about 3mins after.

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