German Stick Grenade Pea Filled (Case 25pcs)

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The pea (BB) filled grenade is a simple but devastating weapon ideal for the airsoft game. Coupling German Stick grenade looks and robust construction with our reliable ring pull ignition system this grenade has become the one of choice for the serious airsoft gamer.

When detonated, the durable, casing will split, with a crack, covering the area with a cloud of biodegradable peas.

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A popular TLSFx among historic Airsofters and MilSim players. Our  German, world war 2, style stick grenade is a weapon that has a certain panash. Whether used in historical paintball or airsoft games or in any  game these munitions are always popular. With a twist of the bottom cap  of the stick a ignition string is exposed. A sharp pull of this string  and the fuse is lit. 7 Seconds later On detonation multiple  biodegradable peas are fired in all directions.

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  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Transport
    49 CFR Parts 100-185
  • Delay Type
  • Initial Delay
    7 sec +/- 0.5
  • Initiation
    Pull Ring Ignition
  • Packaging
    Articles Pyrotechnic, for Technical Purposes
  • Hazard Class
  • Proper Name
    Articles Pyrotechnic, for Technical Purposes
  • UN Number
  • Hazard type
    1.4G UN0431
  • EX Number
  • Regulatory ID
  • NEC Per Unit
  • Decible Output
    121db @ 1m (z peak)
  • Duration
    8 Milliseconds
  • Safty Distance
    5 Meters