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Your One Stop Shop for Smoke Grenades, M-18's, and Hand Flares!

Smoke grenades have many applications from Paintball to Military or Law enforcement training.  We have supplied numerous Law Enforcement Agencies, Paintball tournaments, Fire Departments, Sky Divers, and many more!  We have the ability to make custom order smoke or M-18 Smoke Grenade flares to any color, minimum orders do apply in custom orders.  For Law Enforcement Agencies the Fat Man II is a great alternative to the M-18 smoke grenade for training as it will produce the same amount of smoke for a fraction of the cost.
Paintball and Airsoft out door games benefit from the use of smoke grenades.  The proper use and deployment of the smoke grenade can turn the tide in many scenario's.  Smoke grenades can also be used in simulating disasters and many war time situations for the serious players. For more information on how a smoke grenade works take a look at our what is a smoke grenade page.

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Orange smoke grenade for Paintball, Airsoft, Police Training, Fire Training, Military Training, and many more!

We have a wide range of smoke grenades from small to large.  The smoke grenades will either have a friction igniter (Pull pin ignition) or be fuse lit.  The smoke volumes on the smoke grenades can range from a a toy volume lasting 10-15 seconds to a monstrous volume that will last 15 mins covering an area the size of a football field!
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Thunder Flashes

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Fat Man II smoke grenade for Paintball, Airsoft, Police Training, Fire Training, Military Training, and many more!

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Sorry no international shipments of any of smoke grenades, M-18 Smoke Grenade, or hand flares outside of the USA.

If you have special requirements for Smoke Grenades or M-18 Smoke Grenade Flares that are not directly sold on the site we can custom design them to your needs.  Please note that minimum quantity orders on special design smoke grenades will apply. A minimum $1000.00 order on special design orders. Please e-mail for details.

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